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What is pickleball?


Pickleball is a sport that has emerged in the United States in recent years. It is a mixture of tennis, badminton and table tennis. To play pickleball, you need to hit the ball with a racket.

Pickleball originated on Benbridge Island in Seattle, USA. It is a three-in-one ball game similar to tennis, badminton and table tennis, and the size of the court used is consistent with that of the badminton court. Pickleball gets its name from the inventor's dog: at the beginning of the invention of the test shot, the dog named "Pick" used to run with the ball.

Pickleball has more exercise than badminton and table tennis, so it is better than badminton and table tennis in terms of physical exercise. The amount of exercise of pickleball is smaller than that of tennis, and people who can't play tennis are suitable for playing pickleball as a regular exercise project. Pickleball is suitable for all ages. Especially those who used to play tennis but now have lost the means to continue playing; Or someone who used to play table tennis or badminton but is looking for something more intense.

The Pickleball court is a rectangle, the length and width of the badminton court doubles line, 13.41 meters long, 6.10 meters wide, the court net height of 91.4 centimeters, the court center net height of 86 centimeters, the net distance from the non-volley line 2.13 meters.

The racket of Pickleball is made of carbon fiber and mixed materials, the racket contains a wrap edge and a handle cover, the total length and width is less than or equal to 60.96 cm, the whole racket length is less than or equal to 43.18 cm, the thickness and weight are unlimited; The ball is made of durable plastic, the 26-well ball is often used indoors, and the 40-well ball is often used outdoors.

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